The RX100 Goes Flying

I recently went on a short, but absolutely awesome vacation with a group of close friends.  We went to Las Vegas and, it goes without saying, that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so I won’t be sharing any photos from the city itself in this post.  That said, I think it would be fine to share some photos from the return flight.


All of these photos were taken with the Sony RX100 compact camera.  This really is a very impressive little camera.  It is tiny.  It fits in a front pants pocket easily (or dress shirt pocket) and has a remarkable sensor.  To be sure, it is rather expensive for a compact camera, but I think it has no competition in its class as far as image quality is concerned.  Enjoy!


Larger versions may be viewed in the portfolio.







Lonely Wandering Cloud





Golden Cloudy Sunrise






Incoming Cloud Tide






Coming and Going






Gray Clouds Go Streaking






Cloud Floes












Walking on Air





The Perfect Sky





Just After Dawn




Incoming Cloud Tide






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